Thursday, May 24, 2007

Where Women Should Go To Find A Date

I was talking to a female relative of mine who is in her early 40s and has been divorced for a couple of years. I had not heard if she was dating, looking to date or what her situation was so I asked and was told if I find someone great but she was not actively looking. I told her if she wants to find someone she should take up golf. Specifically she should go to a driving range with a decent practice putting green and spend an hour or so practicing. See someone interesting, make a "nice putt" comment and that is all it would take. She told me another person recently told her the same exact thing, lots of single guys who tend to have a job. The male female ratio at a driving range is well over 10-1, where usually the 1 female is with her boyfriend, husband or plays for the other team, and there is a fairly wide range of ages represented amongst the males. The other bonus is that for the most part, golfers tend not to be jobless drug users with prison records. What made me think about this was the previous Saturday I went to the range by my house and they were having a "Women's Day of Golf" or some sort of promotion. There were at least 50 women taking part in a short game clinic, putting and chipping on the practice putting green. What struck me as odd was how these women did not represent a wide range of the female population. For the most part they were older than I would have expected with the majority over the age of 50. The one thing women who decide to find a date at the driving range would need to understand is the guys tend to take the game very seriously. It is probably a good idea to have some basic knowledge of the game, maybe take a few group lessons first and have an understanding of proper golf etiquette.

So then the conversation shifted to where would be an equivalent place for a single guy to find a date. The only thing the two of us could come up with was cooking classes. It reminded me of back in college, when my sister in law use to work 2 blocks away from the campus at a hospital. I was having lunch with her one day and was complaining about the lack of females in the math and computer science programs. She had gone to the same college and she told me to take a nursing class, you would be the only straight guy in the entire class.

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