Wednesday, May 02, 2007

"End" The War?

That seems to be the new phrase, "End The War". Now before we decide to do this, someone needs to explain to me how exactly pulling out of Iraq "ends" the war. A war ends if one side wins and the other loses or a truce is negotiated. Unilaterally leaving does not end it as what you are actually doing is quitting, surrendering, telling the other side you win. The war will not be over.

Imagine you live next to someone who is doing something you do not approve of. Maybe illegal, maybe unethical, using environmentally damaging pesticides, burning leaves against local laws, criminally abusing his dog or worse. So you as a concerned citizen and all around good person decide to "wage your own personal war" on this behavior and decide to do something about this. So you politely ask the neighbor to stop. The next day your garden shed mysteriously catches fire and the behavior continues. The next week you report him to the officials in charge and the next day your garage burns down and the behavior continues. If you now decide to sell your house to "end the war", do you think the behavior will stop once you leave?

As KVI radio host Bryan Suits said earlier today, and I am obviously paraphrasing, the Democrats do not want to end the war. They could stop it tomorrow if they would like by simply cutting off funds. What they are going to do is use the war as a sledgehammer against Republicans for as long as they can and that requires the war to continue.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why you should start seeing articles such as this: No safe way for U.S. to leave Iraq, experts from traditionally liberal leaning sources warning about the dire results if we were to up and leave Iraq as the Democrats claim they want.
(CNN) -- Pulling U.S. forces from Iraq could trigger catastrophe, CNN analysts and other observers warn, affecting not just Iraq but its neighbors in the Middle East, with far-reaching global implications.

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