Saturday, October 29, 2005

Seattle City Council member Nick Licata…. Is in charge of the Seattle City Council's Poetry program. From the official poetry web page:

“Upon his election to the City Council, Nick instituted poetry readings before his committee meetings believing that the personal insight of poetry has the power to enlighten the routine of government.A guest poetry curator for Words' Worth is chosen every few months. He or she, in turn, selects a number of poets to read their own works. The curator assigns one of her or his poets to read at the beginning of each standing City Council Committee meeting that Nick Chairs at the time.Would you or someone you know like to apply to be a curator for Words' Worth? If so, please contact Frank Video at (206) 684-8849 or at It Pays!”

Seattle, a city whose School District is $20 million+ in the hole, pays poets to read at city council meetings. Why does this not surprise me?
Scooter Libby.... gets indicted. A black mark on those of us who at one time or another have been refered to by the name "Scooter".

Sounds like he is going to go with the "I forgot" defense which if I am on the jury, he walks. I can get anywhere between 20 and 60 emails a day and can send about the same amount. From time to time I need to find an old email so I can remind myself of a past discussion. It's unbelievable how often I find emails I have no recollection of every reading or writing and these are the ones that I felt were worth saving. I can not tell you how many times I have spent way too many hours or days or weeks writing software and then a year or two later someone asks for something similar and someone in the office has to remind me that I already wrote it. "I forgot"... seems reasonable to me.

But... if he decides to go the plea bargain route, let's see if he is offered a similar deal to what Sandy "Classified Pants" Berger got. As someone who may or may not at one time had a security clearance, for someone with Bergers background to have stuck classified documents in his pants, that is truely mind boggling. Chief of Police dealing drugs mind boggling. I am still waiting to hear where the guys with weapons were when he was in the process of smuggling.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

It is against the law in the City of Seattle for a city employee, including police officers, to ask the immigration status of someone they contact for work purposes.

Good Lord, someone explain the logic of that to me.
The big golf story this last weekend... (should have been) Annika Sorenstam spanking an elite field in the Samsung World Championship by 8 strokes... and that included a double on 18. Winning this event for the 5th time. WOW!

Question... did any of the other players pay her $50 an hour for the golf lesson?

Saturday, October 15, 2005

Played 18 holes with my Dad this morning.... ok, 22, we replayed 4 holes. Was a net 2 strokes better the 2nd time through for those 4. Posted an 87 which is not a bad score for me. If you would have asked me yesterday if I would take it, I would have said yes. Of course going OB on # 18 left a bad taste in my mouth even though I managed to escape the hole with a bogey. Putted well. 13 putts on the front, 17 on the back, only 1 - 3 putt and that was from deep. Still should not have missed the second.

I took my Dad for at least $7 but "forgot" to collect. It just does not seem right when I beat him in score and do not owe him money. Anyway, he paid for the round so how could I possibly complain?

Thats probably my last full round for the year. The local driving range has an all you can hit for $12 on Monday evenings 7pm until 10pm. I am planning on doing that at least once a month and concentrate on hitting the driver and fairway woods. For as big a fat ass as I have, you would think I would hit it farther than I do, I need to find a lot more length.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

If you do not think we are at war, you need to read this:

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Happy 35th birthday to Annika Sorenstam.