Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Jim McDermott, Always Willing To Help Out The Anti American Cause

At least the guy is consistent. I do not have the time right now to properly blog on this... not like it has stopped me in the past. Originally from Hot Air. My Representative, Jim McDermott, questions the United States government's explanation of an event, a rocket attack where no Americans dies but the Jihadists claim 300 American died. Representative McDermott seems to believe the anti Americans version over his own governments. Where have we seen that before?

It seems Rep. McDermott has a newest bestest friend telling him all sorts of stories about how bad we are. The NYT
has more.
Mr. Daini, 35, is a member of the National Dialogue Front, a Sunni Arab political group led by Saleh al-Mutlak, a former Baath Party official who insists that the Baath Party, the party of Saddam Hussein, was the best party ever to govern Iraq.

Read the whole thing, for those that follow Jim McDermott, it should not come as a surprise.


Anonymous said...

How can any thinking, self respecting people (even if Liberal) send this crazed anti-American bozo to congress year after year?

Neemund said...

Those people would be by neighbors as I also live in his district. And I'm not sure they're self respecting at all, but they keep electing him over and over again. At this point I'll vote for pretty much anyone who runs against him, but he's pretty much got his job for life.

Anonymous said...

With the way elections work in WA state, who can be sure that the citizens are electing these people?

The own the courts and the men with guns, why wouldn't they fix elections? Obviously they can get away with it :-(.