Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Last day of 2013, time to focus on finances.

Its the last day of the year and me and the Mrs. have decided to focus on increasing our net worth..... We are at the point in our lives where we need to add to our investments so we can make sure we are able to afford the retirement we would like. A little background.... we are both early, early 50s. Our current net worth is slightly over 1 million. Now don't start thinking we could write a check for a million because we can't. About half of that net worth is in houses, our residence and a rental. About half in cash and investments. Of those investments, most, maybe 65% is in retirement accounts so its not really available. One more point, that net worth number does not include a lot of assets, cars, furniture, jewelry, etc. that are hard to value. It is just stock investments, bank accounts, house values, from Zillow, etc. Numbers that I can put into a spreadsheet in about 3 minutes. I am sure if we were to liquidate everything, our net worth would be substantially more but I want to be ultra conservative. So that is where we are. My hope is that I will post updates to how things are going on a somewhat regular basis, every few days, maybe when I have some from time or the mood hits. Probably more when something happens such as I am thinking of buying or selling a stock. That is all, it should be an interesting year.