Friday, May 04, 2007

Help An Iraqi Who Has Helped Us

KVI 570's
Bryan Suits, an all around good guy, whose ideas I often "borrow" in my personal life and on this blog, and I use the word borrow to mean "steal without giving any credit", needs a favor. His former translator is trying to LEGALLY come to the United States. You, the two loyal AndrewsDads readers can help by writing an email to:

stating your support for Alaa to receive a Visa.

Make sure you address the letter: "To Whom It May Concern", not to Capt. Miller

Karl over @ Leaning Straight Up has a better version of this same post.

It is also listed on the KVI Blog, scroll down to Alaa's First Election. You can see Lt. Suits YouTube video of Alaa in action here.

Thanks to Ace for the link. If you do not visit Ace 'O Spades on a regular basis, you should... just do not blame me if you are easily offended.

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Neemund said...

All of the demonstrations by illegal aliens only prove that it is to your advantage to break the rules and there are little (if any) consequences for doing so. What if we all pitched in and bought him a plane ticket to Mexico and have him walk across the border like everyone else. Have someone pick him up down south and bring him to Seattle where he would have greater freedoms and economic opportunities than most citizens.
Then he can wait for his paperwork to go through for him to actually be here legally.