Monday, December 19, 2005

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Friday, December 16, 2005

Are Washington State Dems Anti Christian, Intolerant or just flat out nutcases? You decide...

The Washington State Dems at one point had a web site with the following car magnets:
The hypocrite magnet has since been taken down.

Now we have the official explanation from the person at the heart of the controversy... you could not make this stuff up if you tried.
In case you do not have time to read the entire article, here are some "highlights":

A political parody of the ichthys, the Christian fish symbol, has put Washington state Democrats in some hot water and cast a spotlight upon a Mount Vernon activist who wants marijuana legalized.
She sees the media attention as a chance to talk about the real aim of Reefer Magnets and her efforts to educate and advocate for the decriminalizing marijuana.“In my opinion, we wouldn’t be such a warring people if we used more cannabis and used less alcohol,” Bigelow said.Bigelow has marched in anti-globalization and anti-war rallies in Seattle. She has written letters to editors and voted for Massachusetts Sen. John Kerry in 2004 if only to vote against President Bush.“I’ve done everything I can, but I still feel I have blood on my hands,” Bigelow said of the ongoing war in Iraq.

Through her online store, Bigelow sells magnets the size of business cards with a pro-pot messages.“We don’t need to be in a war for oil because we have industrial hemp,” Bigelow said. “If you look into all the little things that hemp can do, you’ll understand. We wouldn’t be killing people for oil.”

This latest ichthys parody was created by a Seattle activist who wanted not to be named. He said he feared for the safety of his cats if the controversy grew out of control.