Monday, May 28, 2007

It Is Time To Start Living My Life

I have made the decision to start living my life a little more aggressively. 30 or 40 years from now, I do not want to look back on my life and say "I watched a lot of CSI". Life is short, life is precious, life is about doing, not watching other do. Statistically my life is about half over. I am going to start putting together a list of things I would like to accomplish and things I should experiance. A couple of examples:

Personal Improvement:
Get organized
Dress better
Continue getting in better shape
Learn to confront small issues before they become big issues
Socialize more and increase my circle of friends
Find a worthy cause that helps others

Spend a week in Washington D.C. seeing the sights
Bicycle around Lake Washington

Get my handicap to single digits
Make a hole in one
Play some of the great courses
Go to a golf camp

Like I said, a couple of examples. Anyone have any suggestions?

Seems I have offended Ace. I would therefore like to make an edit, please replace "I watched a lot of CSI" with "I watched a lot of Law and Order". The last thing I need is a dead hobo in my front yard.


LesIsMore said...

Yes, I have a few suggestions: Tell me what your biggest issues are with organizing and I will help you. You can email me at or just check out my website:

Anonymous said...

Hi! Came from Ace's. All your "resolutions" are good ones. In the dress better category, you need to look at other guys who strike you as dressing well and take note. The biggest mistake that guys make dressing casually is wrinkled clothes. No. They don't have to be starched, but at least ironed. A good blue button down and nice jeans always works. The jeans have to fit. Not too long over the shoes. The bottom of the pant should break at the shoe top.

This is probably more than you wanted to know about clothes. heh.

The worthy cause thing is really the most important item on the list. I cannot tell you how much better it will make you feel. It also can help with the social circle thing.

Good luck with everything. I know just how you feel.

thehim said...

Washington, DC? You gotta think bigger. Go to Morocco, or Chile, or Thailand. That's living.