Monday, May 21, 2007

My Kind Of Immigration

Breaking news.... we have an update on the status of Alaa the Iraqi translator who is legally trying to come to the United States. Here is an email from Alaa:
hi every body.....

yesterday at the afternoon i get text message from my friend captain murray,the message say one word[approved],i wasnt think iam so lucky for getting my visa application signed by the General.i hope that but some fear inside me make me think its may be something else,so i called him and he told me that iam approved and my application complete ,the greatest thing in my life just happened to me,finally i have a real hope to make my dream and go to the states.that wasnt happened to me without your help,your strong litters of recomendation for me make me look great for the people how sign my paperwork,,captain murray help was great for me he do every thing for me,without him i wasnt be able to even start my application, he make me do all the process i very short time,i will not forget his help or yours as long iam alive and no matter i make it or not i will still apreciate that my friends you guys help me in spite that you are so busy,,,major rivers help was so important for the application ,i appreciate what he do to me even that i work with him for short period,,

if i make it to the state i will visit every one of you and buy him abeer[thats promise]but for captain i will buy him beer in texas for the rest of my life....

i will never forget that my friends...


and from the Captain.
Alaa is the interpreter and pharmacist that works with me daily here. There is a program that grants US citizenship to linguists after a period of admirable service. Alaa isn’t tasked to me, but rather a different subordinate unit. His work with me is voluntary- and he does it out of a sense of altruism, and service to his people. I have been in contact with people who’ve worked with this gentleman consecutively since we came to Iraq- and all are of the same opinion as I am… he’s a great man, and the type of person we want to have as a United States citizen.

I had a hasty phone call from Alaa after I sent him the “approved” text message… and his excitement was amazing. It was a tremendous feeling to share his excitement for something that so many of us take for granted… the ability to live in a safe place, with the freedoms to talk to who we want to, worship the way that we please, and very nearly do whatever we want- without fear for our lives. I told him his packet came back from the Commanding General, and would be forwarded to the USCIS after we came up with a $190 dollar money order. His English remained mostly English, but an excited non-understandable babble that only conveyed delight.

My wife has told me that if I accomplish nothing else on this trip- for at least one man, I’ve helped make a life-changing difference. And gotten a regular supply of beer in the process.

Can you imagine- freedom costs $190 dollars. And some dedicated service.

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Anonymous said...

During the 1980s my Catholic Church became very political. Unlike some dominations traditionally Catholic churches were not very political (except on the issue of abortion) but during the 1980s left wing politics inserted itself unfortunately into the local Catholic church through the very liberal Archbishop Raymond Hunthausen . Things would turn up regularly in the church bulletin such as notices about anti-nuclear protests at Bangor Navy Base or protests against Reagan’s Central American policy, or other left wing causes. It got pretty bad at times and it was one of the reasons I personally left the church.

Well, while I left the church, many in my family didn’t and I would have the opportunity to frequently look at the church bulletin, and during the 1990s and the early part of this decade, the inappropriate notices in the bulletin slowed down and then for the most part stopped. The bulletin became the non-political forum for church information that it was always supposed to be. But still what went on in the 1980s left a bad taste in my mouth (and of course the Priests scandals which our church was in the center of long, long before it became a big issue nationally). But, again, after the turmoil of the Hunthausen days, things had really improved and the weekly bulletin hasn’t in recent years been used as the tool of the Left Wing radicals as it once was.

But it seems that this is not the case again. This Sunday in the weekly bulletin in my church was a yellow piece of paper promoting the radical leftist agenda on immigration. It was by a group that has the following webpage:

The yellow insert states that Catholics must pray the following:

The Justice Prayer

Come, O Holy Spirit!

Come, open us to the wonder, beauty and dignity of the diversity found in each culture,

in each face, and in each experience we have of the other among us.

Come, fill us with generosity

as we are challenged to let go and allow others to share with us

the goods and beauty of earth.

Come, heal the divisions

That keep us from seeing the face of Christ in all men, women, and children.

Come, free us to stand with and for those

who must leave their own lands in order to find work, security, and welcome in a new land,
one that has enough to share.

Come, bring us understanding, inspiration, wisdom, and

the courage needed to embrace change and stay on the journey.

Come, O Holy Spirit,

show us the way.

Well, what you need to understand about Catholics is that most of them don’t go to church for political reasons. The Parish they choose, most often they choose merely because it’s the parish closest to them. For them religion is a matter of tradition; it’s not a matter of politics. They go to church to form a spiritual community, not to promote a political agenda.

I know Catholics and I know that like the general community most of them are totally against the radical agenda of the political left. But given the social and spiritual importance Catholicism is to them, they are intimidated (most of them) from speaking out for fear of the social repercussions. It is easier for them to remain silent and just look the other way to what is going on in their name, in their midst. Most people (liberals excluded) strive to live a life as much as possible without conflict and in most cases tend to remain silent and not make waves and rock the boat.

Liberals on the other hand live for conflict and due to that they seem to have an advantage when it comes to promoting their agenda. They are obviously using the Church in an inappropriate way, but they are not being called on it.

But those of Catholic persuasion need to speak out against the renewed radicalization of the local Church. Modern day catholic teaching doesn’t say that the Church is infallible on such issues, and when the church is being used by a radical few (yeah many of them in high places) to do something that will harm America, they practically have a duty to speak out despite the friction and division that would cause. After all they weren’t the ones who started the friction, they weren’t the ones who inappropriately hijacked the church to be used as a tool to promote a political agenda.

On this issue the Catholic Church has become a destructive force. Let’s hope that average Catholics get beyond being timid and take the church back from the radicals. They finally wrestled it away from the Leftists who had such a hold of it in the 1980s. It is critical that they do so now.