Sunday, October 14, 2007

The Best Investment Idea Ever!

I have never seen a better way to make money, lots and lots of money. Send some politicians a couple of grand, get back contracts worth millions in which you will make hundreds of thousands of dollars. It is that simple.

The most amazing thing about it... how cheap it is to buy a politician. Paying a couple of grand, gets you a $4.5 million contract.
Year after year, the Washington lawmakers did favors for the tiny company, inserting four "earmarks" into different bills to force the Navy and Coast Guard to buy boats they didn't ask for — $17.65 million in all. None of the boats was used as Congress intended.

The congressional trio say they were helping Guardian Marine because it had a great product. But each has also received generous campaign donations from the company's three executives, its sole employees: $14,277 to Baird, $15,000 to Murray, and $16,750 to Dicks.
Also high on the amazing list is how brazen they are about doing what they know is not in the best interest of the taxpayers. After multiple $4.5 boats are bought and determined to be of no use, the donations come in again and another boat nobody needs is order by congress.

Less amazing is the dishonesty of it all.
Murray said she might not have pursued the earmark "if we had been able to look forward and know that Sept. 11 was going to happen."
But of course we are dealing with Patty Murray here:
But the bill actually passed three months after Sept. 11. Before the final vote, Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., attacked Murray's earmark.

It is not just Patty Murray who is clueless:
Baird stands behind the earmarks. "We didn't just say, 'Oh, a company in our district wants an earmark — let's get it for them.' We looked at the mission, we looked at the history of the boat, and we looked at the alternatives out there," he said. "And I think that's pretty good work, frankly."
So explain that history of the boat to me Congressman Baird.

So is this illegality, dishonesty or stupidity? There really is no other choice.

Here is a list of the biggest offenders, lead by the most ethical of the we need to lose in Iraq right away crowd... wait for it... John "Abscam" Murtha.

The only way to stop this, send people, including sitting Senators and Congress members to jail. Since... well... and this is a minor point... it is illegal. If we are not willing to do that, do not expect this practice of illegally shifting taxpayer money to companies in exchange for campaign contributions to ever stop.


Conservative Belle said...

Good post. Weren't the Democrats going to be different?

Anonymous said...

None of this applies if the earmarker has an "R" next to his name.