Friday, October 26, 2007

Is Hillary Electable?

I do not know.

Clearly the Democratic nomination is hers to lose. She appears to be playing it safe to avoid major gaffes and is dishonestly, in my opinion, trying to portray herself as more of a centrist than she really is.

On the other hand, Hillary has massive unacceptable numbers. Somewhere close to 50% of the voters claim they would never vote for her. If she is the nominee, you can be assured the vast right wing machine will create a tsunami of turnout. I often hear from conservatives that our only chance in 2008 is if Hillary is the Democratic nominee.

Her V.P. choice will be interesting. Looking strictly at the numbers, the obvious choice is Obama. Can a ticket win without a white male? I am not sure, I doubt we will find out. There has never been a ticket that has won without two white males. I think there will be great pressure on the Democratic nominee, be it Hillary or Obama to put a white male in the #2 spot. Can not wait for the outcries from the "disenfranchised" liberal female or liberal minority victim groups.

In my opinion, there will be a lot of people, especially in the South and Midwest, who traditionally vote Democrat that will look at the ticket, in the privacy of the voting booth, and have a really hard time pulling that lever.

It should be interesting.

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