Tuesday, October 02, 2007

PepperSpray Productions Apologizes For Taking Attention Away From Calling The United States Military A Bunch Of Murderers

PepperSpray Productions, "an independent video activist collective in Seattle" that is only famous because they are America hating morons who were not capable of doing the absolute minimal fact checking to avoid being duped by Jesse Adam Macbeth, the person at the center of the "phony soldier" controversy, issued the following "retraction" on their web site. And by retraction, they do not mean apologize for the pain they caused the American soldiers, the same soldiers that put their life on the line to protect their right to be idiots, but rather to apologize to other America haters for distracting from their ability to effectively slander the soldiers.
PepperSpray Productions' Retraction Statement for our Video "Jesse Macbeth: An Iraq Veteran Speaks Out"

PepperSpray Productions recently created a video entitled "Jesse Macbeth: An Iraq Veteran Speaks Out." Jesse Macbeth misrepresented to PepperSpray Productions and others his military service and was never deployed in Iraq. When we learned that Macbeth's service records were fraudulent, we immediately pulled the video and are no longer distributing it. We remain committed to creating high quality independent media and deeply regret that the Macbeth video distracted attention from the military investigation of a Marines massacre of 24 civilians in Haditha and accounts from actual Iraq Veterans.

Side note: When I first saw the retraction, I wanted to see where they were located and literally said, "bet anything they are on Capital Hill". What are the odds?

How "blue state" is Capital Hill? Political donations in the 98102 area code go 91% to Dems. Hell, Innis Arden, who until 2006 still had "Whites Only" restrictions in its covenants, is only 81% Dem.

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Anonymous said...

Weren't those 24 solders cleared of any wrongdoing? This is an honest question, cause it's not like the MSM is going to cover the clearing of the innocent.