Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Israel vs. Palestine, Exhibit A for Israel

I watched a video at this link, by way of Hot Air. Watch and be amazed.

I have no connections to Israel, Jews, Palestine, Arabs, Muslims, etc. outside of knowing a few Muslims and a few Jews. I should be neutral in the debate... but I am not and watching that video is a good example of why I am not. How do you describe some of that behavior? Bizarre and disgusting are about the only words I can come up with. Watch it yourself to see what I mean.

Side note:
I like to know the source of the information, in this case Haaretz.com, to get a feel for what kind of editorial slant I should expect.

Here is a description of Harretz from Wikipedia, so you know it must be true...
Haaretz embraces a moderate liberal stance, but the op-ed pages of the paper are open to a wide variety of political opinions. [6]
According to the Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America, articles from Haaretz and its staff writers are often quoted by anti-Israel commentators.[7] The left-wing magazine The Nation described Haaretz as "Israel's Liberal Beacon" due to its editorial board's opposition to the occupation of the West Bank, the security barrier around Gaza, discrimination against Israel's Arab citizenry, and the Second Lebanon War. [8]

Sounds to me like that video was suppose to give a sympathetic view of the Palestinians. Would hate to see an unsympathetic view.

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