Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Losing The War In Iraq But Protecting The Rights Of Iraqi Terrorists

The N.Y. Post has an article that is mind numbing.
Hyperactive Justice Department attorneys last spring got involved in a debate on the need to wiretap al Qaeda terrorists in Iraq - likely wasting critical time in the search for three kidnapped G.I.s, including Army Spec. Alex Jimenez of Queens.

Regarding Spec. Jimenez, Hurt reported that an overly legalistic interpretation of current FISA rules helped delay the tracking and possible rescue of the young soldier and his two comrades after they were kidnapped by al Qaeda in May.

The phone calls being traced originated and ended in Iraq.

However, DOJ lawyers argued that because the cellphone calls would be made through U.S. wire hubs - where the taps would be applied - special approval from the attorney general was needed.

All told, nearly 10 hours were wasted in the critical early days of a manhunt for the three Americans as lawyers argued over the legal grounds for wiretapping terrorist thugs.


H/T Sytman and Boze

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