Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Mike McGavick's Chance of Winning

While I think it is an uphill battle for McGavick to win, I was encourage while out trick or treating with the kid that a neighbor who is a typical liberal Seattle lawyer, although a good guy, told me he was thinking of voting for McGavick. As he put it, I do not want to vote for the "ice cube".

If Cantwell does win, the disappointing thing to me will be how she was able to hide from the voters during the campaign. If she was out campaigning, I did not see it, if she was running ads, they were not on the golf channel, if she was telling the voters about her accomplishments, I am not aware of them. I am fairly certain that she is not touting her recent Senate Power ranking of #99.

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Anonymous said...

Yes, I see your neighbour has a realy in-depth view of the issues of America. Positions on global warming - who cares! The endless deaths in Iraq - who gives a damn!! What matters in the warmth of their personality.