Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Ron Dotzauer, Lobbyist, Slimeball, Criminal or All of the Above?

Ron Dotzauer, registered lobbyist and political consultant to Senator Maria Cantwell, D-WA, is not having a good week, OK, would not be having a good week if the MSM was doing its job or would simply follow up on what Stefan Sharkansky @ Sound Politics has dug up.

To recap, Stefan found out that Ron, who borrowed and still appears to owe between $15,000 and $50,000 from his former girlfriend / employee / political protege, Senator Maria Cantwell, D- WA, had an affair, THE WEEK BEFORE HIS WEDDING DAY, to a former "lady friend" named "Maria". Stefan then goes on to state that it has been confirmed "Maria" is Senator Maria Cantwell, D-WA. Stefan goes on to report that:
Ron Dotzauer's brief marriage to Angela appeared to be tempestuous. The record shows at least two separations and mutual accusations of excessive drinking and minor physical abuse (their marriage counselor indicated in testimony that neither the drinking nor the abuse was as significant as the accusations suggested). Dotzauer first filed for divorce after 13 months of marriage when their daughter was 1 month old. They reconciled and he filed again a few years later. The wrangling over parenting and financial support went on for 10 years, during which period Dotzauer was cited for contempt (by my count) on 4 occasions, and jailed once, for failure to pay his obligations to his ex-wife and their daughter.

Sound Politics is now reporting that the reason Ron had problems paying his child support is all of his "income", well it seems was really not his income but what sure looks like to us non lawyer types as an attempt to get around campaign finance laws. As the scanned image from the divorce brief states:

NWS pays to Mr. Dotzauer an additional sum each month for the purpose of making such [federal political] contributions. While this is income to Mr. Dotzauer, in reality this is a necessary business expense.

So the questions now are what was the law at the time and what is the statue of limitations?

Unbelievable job Stefan! Where oh where is the Seattle Times or P.I?

Seattle Time's "political blogger" David Postman gets around to looking into the story.

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