Thursday, October 12, 2006

Seattle Resident Dan Savage Shows Tolerance For All, Except Those That Do Not Help His Agenda, They Should Be Killed.

From Hot Air, Dan Savage wants Green Party candidate dragged behind a pickup truck.

Dan Savage feels he knows what is better for the citizens of Pennsylvania than, oh say, people who live in the state of Pennsylvania. So Dan has decided that he needs to help defeat Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum. Things start to heat up when Mr. Savage is asked about the Green Part candidate Carl Romanelli, or as Dan calls him, "The Idiot Green" who should be "run over with a truck" and anyone who votes for him should be "beaten with sticks".

WARNING: THE VIDEO IS NOT SAFE FOR WORK, as the kids say these days.


Anonymous said...

Last I heard (granted, it was on the local radio news a few weeks ago), the Green candidate had been kicked from the election race by a judge (the Democrats here have been trying to get him kicked ever since he announced).

I haven't heard anything since about it, though.

Anonymous said...


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