Sunday, October 15, 2006

My Problem With Darcy Burner

The Seattle Times Editorial board seems to have a whole list of issues with Democratic candidate Darcy Burner:
"it is hard to discern where Burner differs from the Democratic Party line"... "Burner's public-service record pales in comparison to Reichert's"... "As her only public-spirited pursuits"... "Burner offers youth coaching and a stint on her community club board"... "more troubling is her spotty voting record"... "Burner has run a mean-spirited campaign"... "She continues to push the deceptive party line"... "But Burner has not made the case she will be a better member of Congress"
My problem with Ms. Burner is that based on her own bio, worked hard in school, paid her way through college, majored in computer science and economics, went to work for Microsoft, got married, had a kid, I am more qualified to be in congress than she is. I worked hard in school, paid my way through college, have degrees in computer science and math, turned down a job offer from Microsoft, got married, have a kid, am part owner of a business that employs people. There is no way I would vote for myself over Dave Reichart so why would I even consider voting for Darcy Burner?

This is the best candidate the Democrats could come up with? Unfortunately for me, being in the 7th congressional district instead of the 8th, I will not have the opportunity to vote against her.

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Anonymous said...

While I agree that Darcy Burner is a tool, I don't necessarily agree that you need a career in public service to run for office. I wish more citizens ran for Congress and won; I think there would be a lot less nonsense in government.