Sunday, October 22, 2006

The P.I. Endoreses Darcy Burner Because She Really, Really Agrees With What They Think

From today's editorial page endoresemtent:
Burner, a former Microsoft manager, is as informed in her views as she is forceful in delivering them. Frankly, at a P-I Editorial Board session, it was difficult to tell who was the incumbent because her answers carried weight.

From how to balance the federal budget (and how urgent it is to do so) to how crucial it is to reduce human contributions to global climate change to Congress' role in Iraq war policy, Burner has the better grasp of the issues and the greater passion to deal with them.
Notice there are no qualifications for Ms. Burner listed because, well she has none.

So if really agreeing with the P.I. is all that is needed. I guess these people here and here and here and here would also be endoresed over Congressman Reichart.

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