Monday, October 02, 2006

Another "Gun Free Zone" School Suffers a Mass Murder

Is anyone, except for liberal lawmakers, surprised over the recent rash of multiple shootings at "gun free zones"? Can someone who believes in the foolishness of this concept please explain how passing a law making it illegal to carry a gun on school property is going to deter some psychopath who is intent on killing innocent school children? A gun free zone is as effective as passing a law saying the speed limit around banks is 10 mph in the hope that bank robbers would not dare break a speeding law while making a getaway.

The only thing gun free zones accomplish is the disarming of the law abiding citizens and make gun free areas "target rich environments" and "defenseless shooting galleries" for nut jobs intent on doing as much damage as possible before the police can arrive. I always wonder what those responsible for passing gun free zones think when they see another school shooting. Maybe the shooter did not see the gun free zone signs? How come nobody arrested the shooter when he walked on the grounds with a gun? I hope it is not my kids school? I have a question, how many more school shootings must we endure, how many more kids and school employees must die before we realize the insanity behind these laws?

There is a study that talks about "Multiple Victim Public Shootings" and shows that areas with concealed carry permits have far LOWER incidents where a shooter kills or injures multiple people. The study briefly mentions gun free zones and states:
...clearly shows that the states with the fewest gun free zones have the greatest reductions, killings, injuries and attacks.

We need to all stand up and let the politicians know we are tired of burying the dead from this failed social experiments. Please let them know that gun free zones are killing our kids, enough is enough.


Anonymous said...

If you're talking about the Amish school shooting, you're kind of off base, though in principle, I agree with you. It was a one-room Amish school. It would have been gun free because of the religious convictions of the Amish, with or without a federal law.

In the latest news, the Fred Phelps crew is coming to Pennsylvania to protest the Amish girls' funeral. Sick, sick, sick.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the comments by RWP. I posted something similar about a case re: a teacher out in Oregon.