Thursday, February 16, 2006

UW Student comments on the Edwards Apology Resolution

Froom the UW Student Senate Forum, Just a sample of the comments on the Edwards Apology Resolution...
In my opinion, this resolution is just as insulting to the memory of all veterans, service men, and Americans. In this country, we do not force people to take the popular opinion. Ms. Edwards is as entitled to her opinion as anyone else in this nation and to try to force her to rescind her opinion just because some people do not like it, and do not agree with it is wrong.
This is precisely the sort of legislation that should be failed in committee.
We'll have to wait and see the fate of this one, but I doubt it's cause for alarm just yet.
I do not believe we, as a senate, can MANDATE that someone issue an appology, but since we express the student oppinion I suppose we could say that we believe an appology should be issued. Not the same thing, and I dont know if this is a good idea, but it is possible.

More comments:
Hello, I am the one who wrote this piece of legislation. I do not, nor ever have had any misconceptions that it would be approved.
That aside, as a senator, I will do everything in my power to ensure that this fails in committee. One of the purposes of our standing committees (*not* the Steering Committee) is to weed out that legislation that is not worth the Senate's time (this doesn't mean simply disagreeing with something). [Interesting historical note: the Projects Committee - now General Affairs - was unofficially created for the purpose of failing legislation.] The resolution is clearly an example of a resolution deserving of death-by-committee.
Ha, I wonder what sucker committee will get stuck having to deal with THIS thing. Have there been ballot votes in committee before? - this seems like any vote could be taken personally, and debate could launch a full-scale shouting match against the sponsor.

As to my thoughts on what it would entail: It's a RESOLUTION of OPINION - as in absolutely no binding authority on anyone to do anything. Sort of like a UN decision (think Team America: "...or else we will be very angry with you and we will write you a letter telling you how angry we are

We need to be prepared to accept that this resolution is going nowhere fast.

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