Wednesday, February 22, 2006

South Dakota to Outlaw Abortion?

PIERRE, South Dakota (AP) -- Legislation meant to prompt a national legal battle targeting Roe v. Wade, the 1973 Supreme Court decision legalizing abortion, was approved Wednesday by the South Dakota Senate, moving the bill a step closer to final passage.

The measure, which would ban nearly all abortions in the state, now returns to the House, which passed a different version earlier. The House must decide whether to accept changes made by the Senate, which passed its version 23-12.


So what is the connection to some blog in Seattle? Well... both of my parents are originally from South Dakota. In fact Mom's family still has not figured out that you can move. Anywho... we all go back for my Grandma's birthday every 5 years and last trip back, almost 3 years ago now, for Grandma's 90th, my sister and I flew into Bismarck N.D., because there is not a direct flight from Seattle to Roscoe S.D. and who could resist that 3 hour scenic drive anyway. Let me describe the drive... it looks like you are going past the same exact farm, over and over and over and... except for the occasional homemade billboard you see, most all of which are "Pro Life / Anti Choice", take your pick. 2nd place, what I would call "anti PETA", which makes for an interesting drive when your sister is a vegetarian.

So we pull into Roscoe, population 300, on a Friday afternoon, get to my Uncle's house and most of my Uncle's 8 kids or significant other is discussing "the abortion clinic". So my sister asks if they are talking about the one abortion clinic in Aberdeen, which is the local "big city", population 25,000. You would have thought she told them we should abolish farm subsidies. WHAT?!? THERE IS NO ABORTION CLINIC IN ABERDEEN! They were talking about the one abortion clinic in South Dakota.

So here is the question I have asked the kin folk and the only response I have got is the cold shoulder... how in the world does a Democrat ever get elected in that state? And here is exhibit number one.

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