Wednesday, February 22, 2006

It's In The P-I

The PI takes some cheap shots at talk radio and bloggers.... well I guess if my business was in as poor shape as the P-I, it may make sense to take cheap shots instead of doing what they continue to do, put out a product nobody seems to want.

In the editorial, the P-I seems to think the student senate process worked well and its because of the "questions" that were raised that in the end, "smart students made a good idea even better".

In the dialogue that is supposed to be at the heart of education, asking a question is always fair. Questions lead to understanding.

In the casting of aspersions over a recent tie vote to honor a single World War II hero from the University of Washington, talk radio and the blog world managed to overlook the central role of questions. We are so surprised.
Much of the uproar centered on a question about whether the UW needed any more memorials to rich white men. Great question (especially when Americans of all backgrounds are fighting abroad for their country).
So, a debate by smart students made a good idea even better. No big surprise there, either

What the P-I seems to be missing is the uproar was primarily over two comments, Jill Edwards didn't believe a member of the Marine Corps was an example of the sort of person UW wanted to produce and Ashley Miller commented that many monuments at UW already commemorate rich white men. Not sure how these could be seen as "questions" or how these comments could be seen as constructively seeking to improve upon the resolution. Additionally there was some uproar over the lack of any rebuttal to those comments from the approximately 100 students senators present. Can you imagine if this was a resolution to honor someone from the gay or lesbian community and someone stated that is not the sort of person the UW wanted to produce... would nobody have spoken up to defend gays and lesbians? Would that person still be a senator?

The P-I can try to spin this as UW diversity loving senate good, talk radio and bloggers bad but eventually, the marketplace is going to make the final decision on the P-I and I am willing to bet that day is sooner rather than later and long after the P-I is buried and forgotten, talk radio and bloggers will still be around doing what the P-I should have been doing, letting people know what is really happening.

This reminds me of a story from my childhood. This maybe my all time favorite story featuring my Dad, which is saying a lot. My Dad is a retired police officer, 25 years with a local P.D, 6'3", 250 pounds. It is safe to say he is a tad on the conservative side. Growing up our family subscribed to the Seattle Times, which Dad considered a liberal rag but it was better than the alternative. Our paperboy was a kid named Blake. He was the best paperboy in the history of newspaper delivery and he was also the youngest son of one of my Mom's best friends. We were not going to switch from the Times to the P-I.

One day, while we were eating dinner, we get a knock on the door. My Dad answers the door and its a teenager asking if we would be interested in subscribing to the P-I. My first thought was this could get ugly. My Dad says no thank you and starts to close the door. The kid literally puts his foot in the door and continues with his hard sell. At this point I am thinking just walk away kid and nobody gets hurt. Once again my Dad says no thank you and goes to close the door and once again the kid puts his foot in front of the door and continues. At this point I am stunned the kid still has a foot. The kid starts his speech again and this time Dad cuts him off with "listen kid...". Here we go... Dad tells him in a very firm voice, "see that house across the street? I do not want my neighbor getting up in the morning, looking across the street and seeing that piece of sh*t sitting on my front porch". Without blinking, the kid looks at my Dad and tells him, "I can deliver it around back". Dad closes the door and walks away.

Absolutely true story. If anyone knows who this kid is, drop me a line, I am looking for a salesperson.

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