Wednesday, February 15, 2006

One of the comments about the Fremont Lenin statue mentioned the Troll under the bridge. This is under the Aurora bridge, the bridge of choice in Seattle for suicide jumps, under the north end. Its about half a mile east of Lenin.


Pedicularis said...

Did the boy in the photo (Andrew?) find the troll cool or scary?

AndrewsDad said...

Andrew loves the troll. The problem is he likes to climb on top of it and sometimes, its not the safest place. In addition, the area behind the troll is often used as shelter forI am assuming Seattle City council meetings, from the excess of empty wine bottles and other assorted non family friendly items.

Pedicularis said...

I'll bet!

Why is it that some folks can't figure out how to get their trash into a trashbin? In essence, the whole world is their trashbin. Same thing goes for most smokers (the whole world is their ashtray). Even so, I feel sorry for Washington smokers these days, huddling out in the rain, having to stand 25 feet from the nearest doorway.