Wednesday, February 15, 2006

UW "Pappy" Boyington Update

There is now two sets of meeting minutes for the UW student Senate for 2/7/06. One is listed as a draft version. They have minutes listed as far back as Sept. 2002 and this is the only date with a draft version listed. Why would that be? I have not spent the time to compare the two but the comments from Jill Edwards and Ashley Miller still appear. There should be new minutes for yesterdays meeting posted soon. Should be interesting to see if they mention any fallout from the 2/7 meeting.

Paradosis has more and if you view the comments, especially from the first thread, you would be amazed at the information you can find out about some of the UW Senators. Just make sure you are civil because remember, they think we eat puppies for breakfast as it is.

FYI... I did email Ms. Edwards asking for further explanation about her comments and so far have not received a reply.

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