Wednesday, April 11, 2007

An Unbelievable Happening At Church On Easter Sunday

I went to the 8 am Mass this last Sunday, Easter Sunday. First time I have been to 8 am Mass since... well maybe ever. I am more of a 10 am Mass attendie. Well anywho, to my surprise there were more than one lesbian couples in attendance and you will never guess what happened... wait for it... nothing. No beheadings, no floggings, no calls to the religious police to have them arrested or tortured. No sermons about how certain people will live for eternity in the fires of hell. Not. One. Thing. As far as I could tell they were allowed to worship freely without incident. Who would have thunk it?!?

And no, I am not a member of the "Religion Of Peace".


Anonymous said...

Kudos to your church!

Some congregations are more welcoming and tolerant than others. Good to hear yours is a good one.

I grew up around some very (VERY!!) intolerant Catholics, but I'm happily marrying into a family of very tolerant ones. Which is good - I don't have to worry about explaining to my kids why Gramma Flo calls Mommy "that Protestant whore." ha. It probably helps that I'm 1) Episcopalian (it's Catholic Lite!) and 2) agreeing to raise the kids Catholic. :)

Anonymous said...

Because, as we well know, beheadings, floggings and "calls to the religious police to have them arrested or tortured" are exactly the same as sermons that give God's genuine attitude towards homosexuals(1Cor 6:9, Romans 1:26, etc).