Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Mandatory Gun Carry Zones

Lots of comments from recent posts on both sides of the effectiveness or lack of effectiveness of gun free zones. One thing I would like to clarify is that those of us that are opposed to the concept of gun free zones are not asking that they become mandatory gun carry zones.

Most places you go during the day are not gun free zones and you know what... most people at those places are not carrying guns. I am also trying to remember the last time I heard of law abiding citizens legally carrying guns engaged in shootouts. It just does not happen.

Now if you insist we should have gun free zones and if you think they are a good idea that makes people safer, make sure you put one of these in your yard

Because if you are not willing to put a sign in your yard advertising the fact your home is gun free and you are not capable of defending yourself, please do not ask me to be OK with my son's school doing the same.

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Anonymous said...


I stand by beliefs in self-defense and preservation of life. It seems only fair that others stand by their beliefs.

So would my yard need one of those <-- "I'm with stupid" signs to point to my neighbor? :)