Saturday, April 28, 2007

Newsweaks Anti Gun Biased 2-fer

The April 30th edition of Newsweek magazine has 2 anti gun comments that to me are simply stunning. The first is in an article called Story Of A Gun

Jamel Coward, who already had a .45, bought a Leinad 9mm and went out with a friend to try it out. On people. They drove down a street in what they believed to be the territory of the rival Crips, and Coward commenced firing. He wounded three bystanders before a bullet struck 19-year-old Erron Lewin in the neck. Lewin, who belonged to no gang, died on the spot.

So Jamel Coward, a member of the Double II Bloods of East Orange, N.J, illegally gets a gun and commits murder. But it is not his fault...
To the lives ruined by this weapon, you can add one more name, that of Jamel Coward, who, five years after he took target practice on a 19-year-old walking down a New Jersey street, faces a sentence of 25 to life after pleading guilty to murder.

I guess they must have skipped the part when the gun forced Jamel Coward to fire it at Erron Lewin.

Then in an Op Ed piece by New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, called The Changing Gun Debate, he talks about how the feds are not helping stop gun violence and it has been the mayors that have taken the lead.
One way that our city has done that is by conducting an undercover sting operation against a group of dealers in five states whose guns kept turning up in crimes in New York. What did we find? Many of them sold guns in violation of federal law. We sued—and I'm happy to say, many of them have already agreed to stop breaking the law and to be monitored for three years.

What?!? Laws are now negotiable? When we are found to be breaking the law we have the option to agree, or not, to stop breaking the law? Here is an idea, why not just ENFORCE the law? How about that for a solution?

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