Thursday, April 26, 2007

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint Without Even Trying

Unlike those who use fraudulent carbon offsets, the other day I reduced my carbon footprint by about 25%. It was easy, just use Seattle City Light and while dinner is in the oven, your power will go out for about 8 straight hours.

I figured it was about 25% since I still drove to and from work and created all sort of carbon dioxide while at the office. And by all sorts, I mean 0.117% of what nature creates.

For those who have not gone without power recently, let me just say, anyone who thinks the human species will voluntarily stop using power is INSANE. It. Aint. Gonna. Happen.

Now where do I send Seattle City Light a bill for one pot roast dinner?

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Neemund said...

But since almost all of Seattle's electricity comes from hydroelectric and nuclear power, you're not really reducing any CO2 emissions by your electricity going out as no CO2 was created in the production of that power in the first place.