Thursday, April 19, 2007

Scoreboard Update

Game number one is in the books and nobody got hurt, nobody walked and nobody struck out but for some reason a lot of the kids wanted to know if they were winning or losing. Who would have thunk it?

Ground outs and fly outs were recorded which kind of surprised me, both that they did record them and that there were some to record. The more amazing thing about that though was the fact the none of the kids that got out ended up laying on the ground in the fetal position scarred for life as a result.

So let's cut to the chase... who won? With the league rule of all kids get to bat once each inning, even though you could keep score if you wanted, when one team has 4 or 5 more players, how is that possible? So did we win or lose... hard to say, the other team clearly had a handful of older bigger kids who were very good. On the other hand in the two innings that were played only one of our batters had to resort to the humiliation of hitting off of a tee while they had 3.

But according to Andrew, they scored 5 or 6 and we scored 8. So I am putting this one in the books as a "W".


Anonymous said...

My daughter went to a public school for Kindergarten where they arent allowed to run at their 10 minute recess.

She now goes to private school where the teachers and parents apparently arent afraid to let the kids run and play and be kids.

Thank God we're still allowed to go to private schools in this country.

David Carson said...

Mad, mad, mad, I tell you! This world's gone mad when we no longer keep score playing America's Pastime. Harry Carey is turning in his "holy cow" grave.

This idea that it's just as good to win or lose has obviously gone from our playgrounds directly to the Democrat Congress where they think that it's just as good to lose the War on Terror as it is to win it.

Well, to quote the great football coach Vince Lombardi, "Winning isn't everything; it's the only thing". God help us if the Lombardi era has passed.

I'm for winning on the ball field as well as the battlefield. Losing in baseball or softball is regrettable but losing on the battlefield is not an option.

Anonymous said...

When my son was 5, he played in a soccer league that didn't keep score so he would yell out the score after each goal. Needless to say, that got him into all kinds of trouble with the coach.
It didn't take long before he lost all interest in the game and didn't want to return the next year because "it was too boring".

Anonymous said...

When exactly do they begin keeping score in children's sports now? High school?

Well, at least they aren't keeping score in Spanish--yet.

Anonymous said...

Wait til the kids get into the real world and find out that colleges will sure as heck care what their grade "score" is, and what their SAT scores are. And their employers will certainly care how their performance is. Sheesh!