Thursday, August 20, 2009

Suddenly, Calling Someone a Nazi is No Longer Acceptable... Sometimes.

Leonard Pitts writes a column letting us know how horrible it is to call someone a Nazi.
I hope this column makes you sick.

See, we'll be talking about Nazis, something many of us are doing lately. Indeed, just this week a fellow named Joseph e-mailed me about a caller he heard on a radio show. The man, vexed over health-care reform, likened President Obama to Adolf Hitler. Asked why, he said, "Hitler took over the car companies, then health care and then he killed the Jews."

Thanks Leonard, did not know that... well actually I did.

I guess though that Mr. Pitts did not remember Nancy Pelosi's recent comments:

Or Washington's own Brian Baird's "brownshirts" comment.

And finally, there is the Zombie Time's retrospective of Bush = Hitler references. It is a bunch of lefties expressing themselves so this is your content warning.

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