Friday, August 21, 2009

Jay Inslee Responds To My Question... Part 2

3+ weeks ago I emailed Representative Inslee the question If a government run health care plan is passed, will you pledge to sign up for that as your health care insurance?

I received a reply 1 week ago with a form letter that in no way shape or form answered my question. I called the Shoreline WA. office to let them know that my question was not answered. They said they would resubmit the question and I should have an answer in 2 weeks. I called back the next day asking if they could put my question at the top of the list since I had already waited 2+ weeks. They said they would see what they could do.

Last night I received a response to my question. I would include the reply in this post but since it is identical to the last reply that I included in the previous post that in no way shape or form answered the question, I will not bother.

Is this incompetence or cowardice? There really are not any other options.


thatcher said...

Since not one member of the House or Senate want to be covered by this policy, I think it's safe to say that Inslee is really happy with his taxpayer funded Cadillac insurance and doesn't care to be on one with the little people.
I wish I could say that I'm shocked but I am not. What would be shocking is if he said he would accept Obamacare.

Jamfish said...

Jay's responses are ALWAYS copy-and-paste. They are never personalized. On the Cap-and-Tax legislation, his response was lengthy, but in a few different fonts and slightly different font-sizes. I'm sure it was the same response any 'deniers' received.

Sean said...

I had a similar issue with Dave Reichert. I asked his office if he read "cap and trade" before he voted. Got a canned letter explaining why he voted for it but the letter did not answer my original question. I continued to call and email for about 2 months continuing to ask the question. I finally got a call from his Chief Of Staff explaining that he did not read the bill. This is after being threatened by the Capital Police at least 4 times that I would be arrested for harassment if I continued to call about this matter. (I think I was quite respectful the whole time, not to mention the conflict this has with my freedom of speech and right to redress, but that is for another time) My Congressman had another government body (Police) threaten me with arrest in order to silence me. I feel a total disregard for the will and consent of the governed. I was told my PRIVILEGE to call or email had been revoked and to only contact his office by first class mail. I would not be silenced and continued to call. I find it a sorry state of affairs when it takes his Chief of Staff to answer a simple question.
I have now asked both my senators to answer this question. "Of the 17 enumerated powers of congress in the Constitution which gives congress the right to manage my health care?" I do not expect a straight answer but I will not stop asking until I get one.

We Hold These Truths To be Self Evident........

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