Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Toys For The Kids

I recently bought stock in Hasbro... and not Playmobil... which on Amazon.com sells such exciting toys as Safe Crackers by Playmobil
Product Description
Two "crooks" have broken into the bank's safe. Comes complete with working safe locker.

or how about the Playmobil - HazMat Crew
Product Description
Oh, no! Hazardous waste has managed to seep out of a barrel and onto the sidewalk! No need to worry, the Hazmat Crew has promptly arrived. The street has been secured with road warning signs and the Crew begins clean up with their powerful very vacuums. Dressed in protective uniforms and armed with hazardous material equipment, this sidewalk is sure to be free of this hazardous substance in no time! Ages 4 & Up

Fun for everyone.

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Conservative Belle said...

Oh good grief. These are just absurd.