Saturday, April 19, 2008

Former Marshall Principal To "Resign"

If by "resign" they mean paid a lot of money so he will stop working there.

Seattle Public Schools will pay former John Marshall Alternative School principal Joseph Drake more than $200,000 in exchange for his resignation from the district.

Clearly this guy should not be a principal of a school.
A district investigation found that Drake was viewed as a "threatening person" by his staff. In addition, the investigation said he "engaged in a campaign of profane, intimidating and bully behavior, using the 'F' word during a meeting with central-office staff members"; bullied University of Washington evaluators working on a report about his school; "created an atmosphere of mistrust and 'my way or the highway' approach to policies and practices at the school"; and "impugned the character and competence of the district staff."

But here is the "money quote", literally...
In a March 4 letter, Drake wrote that he deserved compensation "in order that my family and I continue to experience a quality lifestyle."

He "deserves" compensation so he can continue to experience a quality lifestyle? No... you deserve compensation because you supply goods and or services of value.

This smacks of the school district spending taxpayer money to take care of their own. The guy deserved to be fired and they paid him off to go away. Must be nice to have a checkbook funded by others that allows you to do that.

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Red Sonya said...

I believe we all have teachers' unions to thank for this - no accountability to taxpayers and no motive to negotiate an economically efficient process when all parties privy to the negotiation are funded by the state. That is, state-employee negotiators (teachers) are negotiating with the state without any fear of the state going out of business, unlike private-sector businesses. It's carte blanche at the taxpayers' expense.