Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Cuban Citizens Can Finally Get Cell Phones, Part 2

More interesting facts and figures from the same article:
The contracts cost about US$120 (euro76) to activate — half a year's wages on the average state salary. And that doesn't include a phone or credit to make and receive calls. Still, lines formed before the centers opened, and waits grew to more than an hour.
Astorga planned to buy about US$65 (euro41) in credit — enough, she hopes, for three months of very brief conversations

The "average" state salary? What about economic equality? Shouldn't all workers be equally poor in a Marxist utopia?

So lets run some numbers, $120 to ACTIVATE, another $65 for 3 months worth of calls, so $260 per year for air time. $120 is half a years wages for the average state salary, so $240 is about the average yearly salary. So for the low, low price of only 58% above your yearly salary, you to can purchase cell time and activation for a cell phone. The actual cell phone is extra.

So to put that in perspective, if you were making the US federal minimum wage, not the average salary, but the minimum wage of $5.85 an hour and working a full year at 40 hours per week, you would earn $12,168 and if the US had "economic equality" similar to Cuba, phone activation and airtime for the year would cost $19,266. But remember, that does not include an actual phone.

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