Thursday, November 15, 2007

Olympia Peace & Justice Community Calendar

The group behind the anti military protests in Olympia, has an online calendar. Anyone can post an event to it and it appears everyone is.

Don't miss out on the fun.

I am sure the link will go down soon... images have already been saved for your entertainment.


Poindexter Prometheus Parkenfarker said...

I was forwarded your blog.
Good work on linking to the 5th column attacking our supply lines.
I hope that homeland security is doing their job and following these folks.

On another note, do you know Dr. Don Easterbrook at WWU? he has data that shows we are in the second year of a minor global cooling cycle. Gee, seems to be linked to the 30 year luminosity cycle of the sun. Mars is also going back into a cooling cycle.
Go figure... wish I was as smart as Algore...

Anonymous said...

The link is still up and funny as hell. I am forwarding it to everyone I know.

Anonymous said...

hilarious, can i give it a shot for yall.

get up, wish i wasnt so fat, drive to mcdonalds, super size it. watch football, mow the lawn, wish i was not so useless. watch the news, not make any connections. drink a lot of beer, seek approval from peers at any cost.

Anonymous said...

It's late April, 2008, and the calendar is still getting "used"!