Thursday, November 01, 2007

Mayor Greg Nickels WANTS To Be Green.

From the Seattle Times.... so you know it might be true.
Mayor Greg Nickels wants to be green, he really does. He just does not want to be inconvenianced by taking the bus or riding a bike or replacing all of his light bulbs with energy efficient bulbs or doing video conferences instead of flying to conferences or taking a less than hot shower or spending tax payer money on phoney carbon credits... wait... he is willing to do that one. Some lowlights:

On the job, the mayor's travel by car and plane produced 32.7 metric tons of carbon dioxide in 2006, based on information the city provided. Of that, 20 tons were from 10 round-trip flights he took, mostly to attend conferences.

In mid-2006, the city switched the mayor's official vehicle from a Cadillac to a Toyota sport-utility hybrid. The Mayor's Office also said the city purchased carbon offsets, which pay for other agencies to pollute less, for all plane trips city employees took in 2006.

"Obviously as mayor of the city, he has to travel," said Nickels' spokesman Marty McOmber. "You wouldn't expect the governor to stay in Olympia all the time."
We used to use the bus" he said. "One day we will again."
He is not a bicyclist, but if he did bike to work, he says, a security detail would have to ride alongside him in a car.
They have replaced some of their light bulbs with compact-fluorescent.
Other practices are harder to change, he said. They turned the water heater down, but the shower was sometimes too cold. They turned it back up.
We're still struggling" with plastic grocery bags, he said. Nickels says he takes the bags to a preschool that reuses them. While many environmentalists would shun disposable dinnerware, he also had a stack of paper plates and napkins on the counter during a press tour.

Do as I say, not as I do.

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