Sunday, November 25, 2007

Hole In One

Not by me... by my 70 year old father. His first one. We were playing with his younger brother and his wife. Dad could not have picked a better four some. We have a little wager on par 3s. The person who is closest to the hole has a shot of winning $1 from the other players if they make par or better but you have to hit the green. On the previous hole, Dad missed a very short 2nd putt to not collect on the wager. Any hole where the wager is not collected carries over to the next par 3. We arrive at the 12th hole, 168 yards to the middle, pin in the back with 2 carry overs, $3 per person up for grabs. Dad is first to hit and states he just wants to get it on the green. Hits a 7 wood that lands on the front half of the green and starts to roll. About this time, Dad picks up his tee and starts walking away from the tee box not paying attention to the shot. I mention that it looks like it might end up close. It then disappears and my Uncle screams "it went in". I then state well I guess I need to get mine close for a shot at the money.

I think I was more excited by it than he was. Maybe because unlike him, I actually watched it go in.


Conservative Belle said...

Sweet! Too bad he didn't win enough to buy all of you a round of drinks to celebrate. Isn't that the golf tradition? I'm a golfing novice and don't know all this stuff.

Congrats to your dad!

Anonymous said...

That's AWESOME man!!