Thursday, September 20, 2007

Patty Murray's Explanation, Part 2

I then called the Washington DC office of Patty Murray D - Soviet Republic of Seattle about her no vote on the pro troop, anti ad and was told she voted no because it is not appropriate for the Senate to criticize, specifically mention a person or group, by name in a resolution like this. So I said she is never critical of anyone by name and was told she does say things on the floor mentioning names, that is OK, but it is inappropriate for the Senate to mention someone or group by name in a resolution.

I then laughed really, really hard.

Sounds like we may need to look into someones voting record to see if she has ever voted in favor of a resolution saying Bush Lied, People Died.


Anonymous said...

Well done, sir!

Anonymous said...

Might want to remind the good Senator of this:

OregonGuy said...

There is a certain lack of critical thinking being exhibited by the Senator. But, she has never struck me as one to whom I would turn if needing to replace a lightbulb.

Our Senator Wyden, however, is different in ilk. He is a a True Blue Lefty.