Monday, September 17, 2007

Is Oprah A Racist?

Clearly not in the kill whitey "Racist" sense but clearly she is in that she treats people differently based on race. As Bryan Suits recently stated, how is it she has never endorsed anyone in all of these years and now she is endorsing Barack Obama? It does not take a rocket scientist to see that if Baracks name was Jose Lopez or Paddy O'[fill in the blank], there is exactly a zero percent chance she would be endorsing someone with such a thin resume.

But to be honest, I really do not care if she is a "little r" racist or not. Let the market figure it out and deal with it and right now, the market appears to be putting a premium on treating people differently depending on race.

All that being said, my one beef with Oprah is that her and all the other "watch me and you will have a better life" pushers is they need to be honest with the audience. If they wanted them to have a better life, each and every show would be the exact same. A full hour of them starring into the camera and screaming "get off your fat ass, turn off the damn TV and do something".


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