Thursday, June 14, 2007

The Dishonesty Of The Global Warming Crowd

Watch this video:

Interesting Argument About Global Warming - Watch more free videos

Then ask this question.... did he really try to argue that if we spend a lot of money to fight global warming but global warming does not happen then that is bad, global depression and all, but if we spend a lot of money to fight global warming and global warming does happen, that is smiley face good? What color is the sky in this guys world? How is a world that is in economic depression that is warmer good but one that is in economic depression but not warm bad?

Other issues with the video...
He implies that all 4 options are equally likely which is clearly not the case. It is almost pick a number between 1 and 4 and hope for the best.

He implies that if there is human caused global warming, we can do something that will prevent it. Now here comes the math... as has been previously stated, humans account for 0.28% of all greenhouse gases. So let's assume we do spends bazillions to stop global warming and reduce human caused greenhouse gases to 0, nothing, nada for our Spanish speaking friends. It is not possible for us to reduce our greenhouse gases to anything less than that, that is all we can do. Reducing greenhouse gases by .28% is the same as getting 14 cents off of a $50 restaurant bill. Is that going to make a difference? He seems to think it will make things smiley face good.

Of course someone still needs to explain to me why we think the current global temperature is optimal. How do we know a couple of degrees warmer or colder would not be better?

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Unknown said...

What is really too bad as far as I am concerned is that he continually asks us to let him know if we can show that his arguement is wrong - but he doesn't give us any way in which to contact him. Gee, I wonder if somehow that was intentional?