Sunday, June 03, 2007

Constitutional Rights According To John Edwards

From Hot Air... According to John Edwards, "which of these should be a right and which should be a privilege"? Not like you need a hint but he thinks all but one should be a right.

A college education
Health care
A livable wage
Owning a handgun
American citizen for someone who was not born here but have worked here for 5 years
Access to the internet

I guess when your area of emphasis is personal injury / medical malpractice at UNC law school, there is no reason to study, you know, the Constitution. Forward the video to 1:10 left.

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Anonymous said...

You're complaining that the Dems don't stick up for the Constitution? Why should they? That's never been their shtick. Now the Republicans on the otherside? Romney? Giuliani? are these the new Constitutional standard bearers? Constitutional integrity has become a campaign slogan. Very few actually want a close following of it and they get labeled cranks and screw balls. At least the Dems are honest about having no respect for the "godamn piece of pape".