Saturday, July 15, 2006

Valerie Plame Wilson Sues... Joe Wilson?

I know this is not Seattle Politics related but for someone like myself who is somewhat of a political junkie... all I can say is Thank You. I now know what it must be like for a crack addict to find a large bag of crack. I now know what it must be like for the Seattle City Council members to hear there is extra cash they can use for social welfare programs that will do nothing. I now know what it would feel like to go to the driving range and hear over the loudspeaker that buckets of balls are free all day.

Captain's Quarters has a nice recap of The Plame - Wilson "issues".

Treacher has created Exhibit A for the defense.

If I am a lawyer for the defense, I would immediately start rehearsing the following line, "Mr. Wilson, before I ask the next question, let me remind you that you are under oath".

So the question is why did they decide to sue? All I can do is quote Jonah Goldberg when asked why was Dan Rather making himself look like a fool with the National Guard "memo"... "There is only one plausible answer: Ours is a just and decent God".

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