Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Question for the Muslims

Here is something I have always wondered and was prompted to post something after I read this post over at Ace 'O Spades HQ.
BTW, if Allah will do all these magical things for you, why don't you relocate back to your backwards hellholes and ask him to provide functioning plumbing, water distribution, and electricity?

Now if I am a devout Muslim and I am praying 5 times a day and doing all I can to kill the Infidels and maybe sent off a child with a backpack full of explosives to blow up some Jews on a bus, would it not be unreasonable to expect Allah, not to be confused with this Allah, to at least provide indoor plumbing?


Anonymous said...

If you care nothing for your existence in this life and simply long for Paradise in the next, it's scarcely surprising you'll live in backward squalor. Muslim fatalism is a cancer.

Anonymous said...


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