Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Playin' Possum... Middle of the Roader.

Playin' Possum from the Roadkill Journal which is described as "The view from the middle of the road, dodging the looney left and the rabid right... Dedicated to the most endangered species of all, the unaligned skeptical pragmatist." and is currently featuring the following posts amongst others:


Today, as a service to the neoconservative pinheads who salivate as they listen to Hannity or Coulter spew their poisonous idiocy about “treason” at the New York Times or similar institutions they just don’t like…

Everybody’s favorite sonofabitch, Robert Novak, brings us four items in today’s dirtbag, two of which I find to be of particular interest:

Left the following comment on my Seattle Times Letters from the Lunatics post.

Her comments are completely reasonable... Unless you are the kind of fanatic that wants a King instead of a President... Or the kind of fanatic that cannot tolerate any criticism of Israel...

Are you that kind of fanatic? It's time for everyone to show their cards, I fear. The situation may blow over, but it's possible the greatest mistake of the 20th century - the re-establishment of the long-destroyed Jewish State - is about to become the greatest mistake in all of the monkey man's sorry history.

I for one say no help or support for Israel at all. We should recall our ambassadors and walk away. We have given them too much already.

It seems to have got other commentators worked up so I wanted to share it. In Seattle, this is what passes for the "middle of the road". But then again, in Seattle, This
is what passes for a "peace activist".

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