Thursday, June 15, 2006

Zarqawi Murdered?

Susan Turnbull, Vice Chair of the Democratic Party, officially "misspoke" when she said on the Bryan Suits Show on KVI earlier this evening that Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi was murdered*.

*The unlawful killing of one human by another, especially with premeditated malice

In response to the comments about Liberal Larrys use of the word "ChickHawk" to describe Bryan Suits, please check out Larrys site to understand where that is coming from. I would personally recommend reading the post, What Part of "Safe House" Doesn't Bush Understand?


Skeptic said...

I tuned in a bit late to Bryan's show tonight. Was she being interviewed? Or was it a taped piece?

The amazing moral equivalence from the democratic leadership is amazing.

dke311 said...

I listened to the whole thing, she mis-spoke. Yes she initially said murder but it was obvious that it was a mistake.

No, I'm not a commie loving Murray voting liberal, but want to extend the truth.

Anonymous said...

I listened to Chickhawk Suits and heard her comment. She obviously did not intentionally mean to say that Al Zarqawi was murdered. Be realistic. The president's poll numbers aren't yet low enough for her to get away with saying such things in public. Since "It was all a stunt" didn't go over very well, the official party line is now "Al Zarqawi's death doesn't mean anything" and we're going to stick with it.

Anonymous said...

Al Zarqawi was the head of the Democratic Party in Iraq and that is why it was wrong to hurt him. He was only giving neckline adjustments to conservatives and that is no offense worthy of punishment. As soon as he was done over there, Pelosi had a seat for him here in Congress where she was hoping to introduce him to her friends across the aisle.

Anonymous said...

Liberal Larry's use of the term Chickhawk to discribe Bryan Suits, has me scratching my head.

Anonymous said...

Liberal Larry,
Can you explain how Suits is a "Chickenhawk"?

Steve #2

Anonymous said...

LiberalLarry said ChickHawk, not ChickenHawk, which most certainly would not apply to Bryan Suits. I think he was saying he thinks he's cute.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, but I still think Larry should explain. I assumed he just made a typo. Either way, I am questioning his use to the term.

Steve #2

emerson said...

Liberal Larry is a conservative who writes a satirical website as an uber-liberal. Follow his link and have a few laughs.

Anonymous said...

If you are a math and science teacher with the usual weeklong celebration and smuggled across the U.S. border from was that Wesley had been found dead - plan aimed at our country which was

Anonymous said...

If you are a math and science teacher with the usual weeklong celebration and smuggled across the U.S. border from was that Wesley had been found dead - plan aimed at our country which was

Anonymous said...

Thanks, I went to his site and had to leave. I was laughing so hard my boss came into my office.

Steve #2

Taleena said...

I heard her. Honestly I thought she was oblivious to the word usage until Brian said, "Do you mean murder?" And she spent a minute backpedaling and saying that of course she didn't mean murder.

Brian also referred to the readers of Daily Kos in a way that implied the were fringe nutters and she mentioned she was a Kossack as a way to redeem them as mainstream.

I think she did mean murder. Look, most of the Kossers think that the war is illegitimate and illegal. A premeditated death which is illegal is murder.

She may have shied away from the word because it would be politically bad. She may have not thought out the implications of her rhetoric and the use of the word "murder" brought her face to face with it.

Murder, as opposed to killed, is a charged word implying wrongfulness on behalf of the US Military. I think it was a slip but one that is a logical meaning flowing from the train of thought espoused by the Kos crowd and the Democratic party. The mouth speaks from the abundance of the heart as the proverb goes.

Anonymous said...

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