Wednesday, June 21, 2006

DUI Punishment

As heard on the Bryan Suits show earlier today, the subject was Susan West, convicted drunk driver. Listener Travis had a great idea about what to do with anyone convicted of a DUI. His idea was to treat them like teenagers, do not let them buy alcohol. The way to do this is issue them a special color coded, I am a drunk driver, drivers license. Then make it a crime for anyone with a DUI conviction to buy alcohol and a crime to sell alcohol to anyone with a DUI conviction. You want to buy alcohol, you need to show your drivers license. I think this is a great idea. Not because it will keep alcoholics from buying alcohol, for the most part it will not. What it will do is bring public shame to anyone convicted of drunk driving. Imagine the shame when someone you just met and want to impress, a potential boss, significant other, sees that you have the special drunk driver license. Excuse me sir, can I see some ID for that check you just wrote? Thank you Mr. Convicted Drunk Driver.

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Pedicularis said...

I like it! Shame is under-utilized as a crime deterrent in this country. I think it is a liberal thing to belittle the use of shame. Asian societies make much better use of shame and dishonor to encourage others to behave.