Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Maria Cantwell need to "look into" the latest New York Times Treason

I just got off the phone with a Cantwell staffer in Washington D.C. asking Senator Cantwell's stance on the leaking of classified information by the New York Times. Specifically if she was going to call for an investigation. I was told that the Senator needs to "look into this further". Not sure what she needs to look into, the New York Times has said that this was a classified program they are divulging and clearly laws have been violated in making this programs existence public knowledge.

Here is Senator Cantwell's problem... she is getting hammered by the far left of her party over her stance on the Iraq war so she needs to appear to be more sympathetic to that side to keep the base from staying home on election day. What she should do is come out demanding an investigation into the New York Times leak and position it as we can bring the troops home sooner and maybe avoid future conflicts by having these kinds of legal surveillance. This kind of program should be a Seattle Socialists dream, no troops, no bombs and using money, the root of all evil, to catch the bad guys. Here is why Senator Cantwell will not call for an investigation... doing so would make her appear to be in the Bush camp on this issue and that is one sure fire way of really alienating a Seattle Democrat.

So in the meantime, Senator Cantwell will keep hitting those hot button issues for the constituents like keeping non profit voice mail services for the homeless.

I called Senator Patty Murray's office. The person who answered the phone had not heard anything about the New York Times story.


Anonymous said...

Cantwell, like all Democrats has painted herself into a corner. They've got absolute zero chance of gaining ground this November because they've pronounced themselves the party of defeat, treason, and identification with the extreme socialist moonbat left. Damned if she does, and Damned if she does not. Poor strategists, the Dems.

As for Murray, well no surprise there. Life is bliss inside the blue cocoon.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunatly we are getting 50.000 Californians a year in WA and it seems that most of them are settling in our area, after filling Californias nest with crap it is our turn to have our nest filled Californiaized crap so no matter how we vote we are going to have Demos running our state

Anonymous said...

Great post.

For sure. Cantwell is caught in a mess. She will drift left as Nov approaches. That's where her base is.

Problem for her is her base is becoming a smaller and smaller pct of the WA voting block. Over here in E WA she is done, except for N Richland Hanford engineers. On the Westside sane folks are heading for the 'burbs and voting Repub.

WA may be a red state some day - maybe in my son's lifetime.

Anonymous said...


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