Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Flag Burning Amendment Fails

This may surprise some but I have never been in favor of an amendment outlawing desecration of the flag. I think we are a much stronger nation than that and the constitution needs to deal with much bigger issues. In fact if given the option of one or the other, I would rather there be an amendment that says you are free to desecrate the flag anyway you like in the privacy of your home. I would insist thought that the very next amendment would say if you desecrate the flag in front of someone who objects to your actions, they have the right to kick the sh!t out of you, you ungrateful bastard.


Sara's Varolo Village said...

I like your take on the subject. I have to admit that my knee jerk reaction was to say that the amendment should pass, but your way seems much more American.

I have a cousin who has a bed spread which I think she quilted from an old flag. I always wondered if that counted as desecration or just really tacky.


Anonymous said...


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