Friday, June 06, 2008

Seattle Alone Will Stop Global Warming

Seattle has decided to take the one drastic step needed to stop global warming, ban beach bonfires.
The park board will hear the recommendation Thursday, and the city plans to run public-service announcements and hand out brochures later this month about the effects of bonfires on global warming.

According to a memo to the park board from the staff released Thursday, "The overall policy question for the Board is whether it is good policy for Seattle Parks to continue public beach fires when the carbon ... emissions produced by thousands of beach fires per year contributes to global warming."

Because that is all it should take:
But at Alki, Nguyen said he'd be OK with banning bonfires.

"By all means, I'd rather not have bonfires than have global warming," he said.

In unrelated news, the Seattle Times has a list of fun things to do while we continue to have unseasonably cold and wet weather:
Puget Sound under cover: Fun places, out of the cold and wet
Here's a list of Puget Sound-area attractions and fun places to go — under a roof.

Of course you could always go to the mountains and play in the new snow:
Snow forecast for mountains, rain for lowlands
By Seattle Times staff and The Associated Press

Snow is in the forecast for the higher elevations of the Olympics and North Cascades, and rain will continue to fall in the lowlands through the rest of today.

The National Weather Service says up to two feet of new snow are possible by tonight above 5,400 feet, creating avalanche danger and hazardous conditions for climbers or hikers in the backcountry.

The Weather Service says the strong low pressure system over the Northwest will bring cool, cloudy weather with a chance of showers through the weekend across Washington. That means rain is likely off and on through the weekend, with temperatures in the mid-50s to lower 60s.

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Anonymous said...

Waaaah! Waaaaaah! I'll a big, scared baby liberal tree-hugger, and I want to sit by my itty-bitty campfire on the Seattle beach so I can see all the pretty waves and fishes swim by. I always only use fallen (never cut with Mr. Chainsaw) already dead branches to make my fire. Oh, pleeeasse, please, don't take away Mr. Flame and Ms. Bonfire from by beach. I'm so sad because my elected liberal facist city council now wants to take away my bonfire instead of trying to put Mr. Bad Corporation out of business. I'm good!!! So good, I even recycle my Mr. Stinky baby diapers....And the nightmare begins in police city of the last scroll of liberty was destroyed, an old dying English citizen (who was denied Avastin for her brain tumor, as Kennedy got) whispered, "The Road To Hell Is Paved With Good Intentions."